09 November 2008

Marauders Mayhem

Marauders Mayhem
Day 2, Game 3
vs. Daemons of Chaos

OK, it just looks like I'm never going to finish that last battle report from Marauders Mayhem. So here's the short version, without photos. Sorry. Honestly, it wasn't a terribly exciting game anyway.

My last game was against an all-Nurgle Daemons of Chaos army. I used to have one of these back in the days of the hardbound Realms of Chaos books up through the 6th edtion Ravening Hordes list. I even still have a few odd figures lingering around waiting to find a new home.

So this was my first experience with a mono-Nurgle list under the new army book. The list seemed fairly reasonable. Three big units of plague bearers, 4 heralds on palenquins, 2 beasts of Nurgle and a small unit of Nurglings.

The table was fairly open, so I set up pretty far back in the deployment zone to max out my shooting time. After 3-4 turns of dropping rockets, cannons, arrow, pistol and handgun shots at the regenerating & ward saving horde I managed to kill the nurglings (one turn shooting then melee with the pistoliers) and a couple of plague bearers. That's it. That includes numerous direct rocket and cannon shots.

The beasts of nurgle were tied up fighting a cannon crew and then stalled for a bit longer with some archers and spent most of the game doing that, so I consider them somewhat irrelevent. The big units with the heralds, on the otherhand, were just tarpits. I simply couldn't kill enough of them and they don't run away. In spite of the fact that I pretty much had them surrounded and was attacking them from all sides. But they didn't do a whole lot of damage to me, either.

So we ended up with a draw.

I don't fault my opponent for his army. He obviously had a lot of interest & modeling involved in his Nurgle theme, and if I understand correctly he had been playing them since the old days when I did. But under the new rules it's just a bit of a boring army to play against. Unless maybe you've got flaming attacks to negate the regeneration.


I've previously commented on the results, which can be reviewed in the old entry...

Basically I went 2-2-1, did OK overall, took best general and painting, and was on the winning team. More importantly, I played some new opponents and had a good time. And saw giant concrete corn.

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