09 November 2008

Recent Lootings

Just thought I'd give a run down of some of the loot I've picked up since the Summer...

At Historicon I managed to nab some deals in the flea market, including a cheap if somewhat used Army Transport bag/case, some more old plastic GW Empire state troops, and a small starter force of Warmachine Khador figures for about 1/2 price. I looted some of the remaining WotR figures from Age of Glory's dwindling Front Rank bins, as well as some OG Flemish figures, some of which I've recently painted (and posted photos.) I got a few odds & ends, modeling supplies & such as well. I don't recall if I posted this figure from Ramshackle Games or not, but I will do a review in the near future. (When I get up the inspiration to paint it.)

At Buckeye Battles I won a few prizes and grabbed some new Fleshhounds and Galrauch the chaos dragon. I just like the figure for the latter, and want to paint him up. The former were going to be used in a Daemons of Chaos army, but after picking up the book I just can't play that army with a clear concience. It's so out of whack with the rest of the game that it didn't seem fun. So I traded them off.

I won some prizes again at Marauders Mayhem and got some gift certificates for the Krystal Keep, and cashed them in immediately for some GW wood elves and the WAB Alexander the Great book. I also spent some cash the first day on a few older figures that were in a clearance bin, but the most important score was two bottles of the old GW Flesh Wash, which is now out of production. I've tried all their other washes, but they don't work the way I use the Flesh Wash. So I've postponed my having to resort to finding an alternate solution. (The alternative will probably be to go back to Coat d'Arms Flesh Wash.)

I recently purchased the Hannibal & Punic Wars book for WAB at Recess Games (the more-or-less local game store), which just came in last week.

At the Recess Rumble this weekend, I got another prize certificate which I used to pick up the WFB Bretonnian army book and a few paints. I'm not certain I'm actually going to do a Bretonnian army, but like a sugared up 8-year-old with ADD, my army plans change daily, so who knows. The benefit being that I can use historical figures to serve a dual purpose.

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