28 January 2009

Foundry German Cavalry

I finished the first 10 German Cavalry. My original "dream" was a German army, but I've been sidetracked and lured away by various other figures and deals. But the goal remains to be able to field a fully German army at some point. In the meantime, I will work on small groups to field as allies to Caesar or the Gauls. I have no Gallic cavalry (yet), so figured I'd start with the German cavalry.

As usual, click the pics for larger views.


  1. They look fantastic! Good, subtle paintjob that gives them a fearsome look. Well done.



  2. Thanks. I did want to try keeping the Germans toned down a bit in comparison to the Gauls I'm working on. I'd like them to look a little simpler and a bit more sinister. (I'll blame that bias on recent re-reading of Tacitus & Caesar.)

  3. Your whole Ancient German collection looks very nice.The subdued tones really bring out the atmosphere of this army.Well done!
    I own one myself.......unpainted.(cough)