05 January 2009

Paint Brushes

As I was painting tonight and thought I'd post pics of my brushes. More serious painters might be shocked. I've been reading quite a bit of advice about buying and taking care of expensive brushes...

I don't think any of mine were more than $2-$3, most have been used for years. I'm honestly not certain how much better I would paint if I spent $20 per brush and conditioned them.

I've been given the advice to use the largest brush possible when watercoloring. I guess I already do that when painting miniatures. Not the same thing, really, but it's probably part of the reason I paint fairly quickly. The smallest brush in the pic is a 10/0 and is used almost exclusively for eyes. I believe the rest are 1-4. The bottom brush is the one I currently use for the bulk of my painting.

Empire figure shown for scale. Click pic to enlarge.

Just felt like sharing...

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