25 January 2009

Safety First!

Always remember, let the blade do the work and make multiple cuts with moderate pressure, rather than try making a single cut and forcing the blade. Otherwise...

Well, you might scream obscenities and run through the house to a sink and dripping a trail of blood just as your spouse's new students (mother and 9 year old son) arrive for their first vocal lesson.


It can happen.


  1. My wife actually got me the gw clippers as a gift since I kept cutting myself taking bits of the sprue. I was annoyed at first since I could get such things cheaper at the hardware store but the actually work pretty well and saved me a lot of time.

  2. I've got some clippers too, but I was cutting through some heavy chipboard to make movement trays. My knife slipped because I was pressing too hard. It even left a nasty slash in the aluminum straight-edge I was using.

    The sad thing is that I know better. I know it's better to make 5 light cuts than to force the blade to cut all the way through on a single pass. I was being impatient and paid for my poor judgment.

    The cut remains clean, but it's still flapping open and bleeding when I pull the bandages off, several days later.

    If it doesn't start healing together by the end of the week, I'm going to try some DIY stitches!