22 January 2009

Unrealized Ancients (updated)

I just got another email advertisement from Black Tree Designs announcing their new lower prices. Obviously they're trying to make sales.

I am potentially a great customer for them. I've got a number of ancients projects I'd like to work on, they've got nice looking figures at affordable prices.

But here's the catch: I still haven't received the first order I put in over a month ago. My account was charged, but no figures. So although their new lower prices sound great, why would I order more products from them?

I've heard mixed reviews of their service. Some people have problems, some people get their orders right away. I thought I would personally give them a chance with a small "trial order," and more to follow if there was a problem. There is apparently a problem of some sort.

Between Wargames Factory's Vapor-Celts and Black Tree's lack of delivery, it looks like my German/Celt/Roman project is indefinitely on hold. I had a feeling I should have just gone with Foundry's holiday deal on their Ancient Germans, but thought I'd give BTD a chance. My mistake.

So it looks like I will either be waiting for next December for bargain sales, or wait to get lucky on eBay or Bartertown or the flea market at Cold Wars or whatever.

In the meantime, I'll probably be heading back to medievals and some more commission work.


Came home from work today (Friday) to find 1/2 of my BTD order waiting for me. Progress. I've got the Celts, but no Germans yet. There was a note included stating that they would be on the way soon.

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