31 January 2009

Feburary Challenge

In January, I started with a "painting challenge" that some people came up with on the forums at Warhammer Empire. Basically, you just pledge to paint a certain group of figures during the month, and then try to fulfill your challenge.

In January I went for:
12 romans
30 gallic warriors
10 german cavalry
1 organ gun
1 Empire captusus
1 Beast 09 (Warmachine)
2 bolters and 7 dwarf crew
6 dwarf thunders
6 medieval mounted crossbows

I got everything except the 30 Gauls done.

So I'm going to start listing these here, as personal goals. From now on I'm going to try to leave myself a little leeway, in order to accommodate surprises and my painting-mood-swings.

So, February:

8 Gallic Slingers
9 Early German Skirmishers
5 Burgundian Crossbow
10 Burgundian Longbow
3 Burgunduan Gendarmes
4 Burgundian Coustilliers
and finally, a wildcard: 20 figures from the following: Romans, Gauls or Burgundian halberdiers.

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