02 March 2009

Stuff! in the Mail

I received several long awaited deliveries today.

One is the group of Black Tree Design Early Germans I've been waiting on. I'll wait for a full review until I've painted some of them (and have the pics to show for it), but from taking a bit of a look at the raw lead, I really like them. Just shy of my infatuation with the Foundry Germans (but at 1/4 the price.) Better sculpts than the BTD Celts I recently posted. It's a shame I had to chase after them to deliver the figures. Not certain I want to have to go through that for a full army. Still, it's tempting.

I also received a box of Wargames Factory's Celts. Again, full review after I've painted some, but once more, from an initial examination, they look good. The details look like they've improved since the first releases and there's a nice mix of "bits" for variety.

Along with the Celts, I got a couple sprues of the Zombies they've just released. More to come on those as well.

Now if my Renegade regiments would just show up, I'd be all set and nearly* overwhelmed with stuff to paint. Good time to start a big painting commission, eh?

Pics in the next day or three. It's a busy week with non-tiny-toy-soldier stuff for me.

* Nearly in the sense that I will still be picking up more in a few weeks at Cold Wars.


  1. Well done for getting figures out of BTD! I'm waiting for an order. :-( I have quite a few of their Early Germans, nice minis.

    Maybe you could try painting the 'Factory Celts; I'm very curious to see some of those painted. Is the detail there, or not? That is the question...


  2. I'm going to try painting a couple of each of the figures I mentioned so I can include them in my growing "collection" of figure comparison photos.

    I'm going to give Renegade a full month before I start getting nervous about that order (it's been about three weeks so far) but I'm hoping those Celts arrive this week so I can include them all.