22 March 2009

Ancients horse comparison

I'm taking a break from alternating between painting (should have new pics later tonight - maybe tomorrow at the latest) and chores around the house. I figured I would take a quickie pic showing the scale comparison between Foundry early German cavalry, Crusader Numidian cavalry, and Renegade Celtic cavalry.

As always, click the photo to enlarge.

Granted, the Germans were supposed to ride mangy little horses. So maybe they're OK if they look a bit small. Compared to the Renegade Celt, though, the two look like completely different scales. The Crusader is a nice between scale.

All three are well sculpted (further review/comparison on that in the future.)

One more complaint about the Renegade, however. Most of the figures (not the one depicted) have cloaks that interfere with the back ridge along the saddle. I'll either have to cut the backs of most of the saddles off, or somehow drill/rout out a space underneath the cloak so the riders can fit without their asses"floating" above the saddle.

Actually, two more complaints about the Renegade. I haven't sorted out all 18 cavalry on the table, but in digging around in the bags it seems that all 18 horses are identical. I was a little disappointed with only two poses from Crusader, but a single horse pose will be significantly more disappointing if it's true.


  1. 023,

    Whats your take on the Wargames Factory Celts and are you getting the Chariots?.. I like the Celts and don't mind they are was less detailed than Warlord Games ones..they seem like they will work well together. I want the WF cav but want to see the horses Scale.I wont be getting the WF Chariots as I already have 4 Renegade Chariots..but thanks for pointing out the difference in Animals scales..something I would have overlooked.

  2. Full comments on the WF Celts is in the works. Generally speaking, they seem decent. I think my opinion of them isn't too far off my comments regarding their Romans, though I'll mention some specifics and post some comparison shots in a day or two.

    I'm anxious to see their Celt cav. Especially considering that I'm not entirely thrilled with the Renegade cav for the reasons I just mentioned. I've amassed quite a bit of infantry, but need some mounted support.

    I'm putting together later continental Gauls, so I don't have too much interest in the chariots, but wouldn't mind putting one together for the fun of it at some point.

  3. Scary big Renegade horses!

    I've used Foundry and Crusader horses together in units, and find they work together well. I have some Renegade horses- just too large, and as you say only a single pose... it's a pity Foundry don't sell horses seperately.

    I didn't like the WF chariots for a variety of reasons, but quite like the new Foundry "Gallic" ones (although they would need work to make them more historical).