30 March 2009

Spanish Slingers

Took a break from painting for a friend to do a few figures I picked up at Cold Wars. This is a pack of Spanish slingers from Crusader Miniatures. I'll probably add one of the figures from the ceatrati command pack to round the unit off to 9 figures.

I'm of a bit mixed opinion on the figures. For the most part I like them. Nice, clean sculpts. Decent proportions. But some of the faces seem a bit... Old Glory-ish. The eyes are sculpted well, but on one of the figures they are offset (one is higher than the other,) for example. The casting could have been a little better. No flash, but fairly prominent mould lines.

I'm now curious to see how some of the other Crusader figures look. I may have to do the caetrati next -- though I really need to finish the Romans and quit playing around with the fringe troops. ;)

1 comment:

  1. I like the use of natural dye colours for the clothing and the way you have made the ground stoney around their feet....loads of ammo!