17 March 2009

Zvezda Royal Infantry

As mentioned, I picked up two boxes of the Zvezda Royal Infantry, from their line of humans for the "Ring of Rule" game. They're basically 28mm generic late 15th century figures. My new scanner doesn't seem to work well for scanning sprues, so I tried to get some half-decent photos with the digital camera.

Click the pics below to enlarge.

Front & back of the main sprue:

Command sprue:

I've got a lot on my painting table right now, but when I get some assembled & painted, I'll post some photos compared to other fantasy & historical figures.

At first glance, they remind me a little of the old Copplestone figures sold by Mirliton (formerly by Grenadier). The detail is a little more exaggerated & rounded than GW or most metal figures. I'm curious to see how they paint up.


  1. Are these the usual 20mm for Zvezda plastics, or are they 25s? They look very, very good.

  2. They're 25/28mm. When I get some time to assemble them I'll post some pics comparing them to some other medievals.

  3. Hello, have you painted any Zvezda Guy?

    Great Blog.