11 May 2009

Law of the Instrument

Gauls and Germans: "When all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."


Our first WAB day didn't really get off the ground. Of about six people we were trying to get together, there were just two of us that actually showed. We talked gaming stuff for a while, and played our 1000 point battle pretty quickly. It was my Gauls vs. his Romans. My cav was almost immediately swept away by two small units of Roman cav. My infantry rushed forward as fast as possible, trying to engage & sweep away the legions before the cav had a chance to turn around. The legions kept backing off, and after I made contact I learned why: they were all raw recruits. The big (heh heh) surprise was facing an elephant, though -- but I suppose that explains the cheap infantry. I managed to not only survive the elephant, but he stampeded back into some redeploying legion.

I was using the Gallic list from Hannibal and the Punic Wars. I'm actually painting/playing mixed Gauls & Germans from a bit later, but I like the Punic list better than the one in the rulebook. I'm really only taking three troop types anyway. But the big difference in this game was the mixed weapon rule. I've previously used the older list, and getting the benefit of throwing spears really helps the barbarians. This is good, IMHO, as it decreases the reliace on characters to help win combats.

Painting Plan

My plan is to bring the Gauls & Germans ("The Hammer") to Historicon. I'll use them in the doubles. If there's a medieval division (and it's bigger than Cold Wars) I'll also bring the Burgundians. I'm hoping John runs the medieval division again this year, as last year's multiple point value event was a really good time. If the medievals don't happen, then I may just bring The Hammer.

Over the weekend I assembled & primed about 70 German (Foundry and BTD) infantry. Normally I'm a 2-part epoxy guy. I hate having to repair painted figures, and CAsuperglue has never worked too well for me. But I've heard rumors that the new Gorilla Super Glue. So I tried it out on their shields and spears. I hope it holds up. I just didn't have the patience required for the slow cure time on 60 figures using epoxy.

I also cleaned pieces for 9 Wargames Factory figures to use as slingers. I haven't assembled them yet, but at least the plastic aleviates the epoxy vs. superglue dilemma.

Next all I need is 10 more cav. My choices are more Foundry Germans, Renegade Gauls, or order & try out a box of the Wargames Factory plastics. I'm still undecided.

So that's my goal for the next 2 months +/-
  • 70 Infantry
  • 9 Slingers
  • 10 cavalry
No problem, right?

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