27 May 2009

Scattered Painting, Splattered Priming

With the clock ticking down to Historicon, I'm still working on figures to finish off a non-medieval army to use in the Doubles. I'm part way through the huge pile of Germans & Gauls and have just started to consider changing my mind and wrapping up enough Romans to go with them instead.

No focus.

Part of it is that the Romans will be easier to paint, and that I won't get to all the little details on the "barbarians" like patterns on the clothing, shield designs, etc.

The other half if it is something I bitched about on Warseer -- just to let off some steam because I was so pissed. I recently switched to Armory primer. All went well for the first two cans, then part way into the third can I get the wookie fur coated army. The worst were some figures I'm doing on commission, which were immediately stripped.

However, many of my Germans & Gauls got a lesser degree of "fuzzy primer." I thought I would just live with it, but as I'm painting them it's really bugging me. However, stripping, reassembling (as required), repriming andrebasing a good 70 figures will just be time consuming and annoy me further. It's days later and I'm still serously on fire over this.

So tonight I have some time for painting. I need to decide whether to continue or make the switch. :/


  1. I switched from Armory Black to Krylon ultra flat black camouflage
    and now swear by the stuff..its great primer for wood, metal or plastics.
    I still use Armory White thou- for some reason I get never the "Fur" with the white paint only the black.

  2. I'm going back to Krylon. That's what I previously used.

    I won some cans of Armory at Cold Wars, used the Grey, White and Black without any problems. I liked the really super flat finish to it. So I bought another can of black -- again, no problems.

    Third can and I had hugely mixed results all in the same day. Temp was mild, it was dry and low humidity, I shook the hell out of the can (as always) and it worked perfect on some figures, total crap on others. I frequently prep a ton of figures in one day/evening, so I'd rather not risk that again. :/

  3. Go back to the Romans dude this is meant to be a hobby so don't get stressed, do the Roman's and go back to the Germans and Gauls after Historicon when you have time to do them justic without the stress!