20 May 2009

More Numidians WIP

Since the cat is out of the bag, I may as well post my WIP photo of the new Wargames Factory Numidians here. I will post more comments and a full review when I'm done. Tonight (Wed.) is game night, so probably not til Thursday.

Click for larger pic (as usual):


  1. Very nice painting!

    I'm not altogether convinced by the miniatures, however; those bows are very big, indeed! I'll look forward to the review. I'm curious as to whether they've improved the detail on the models, relative to the Romans.

  2. I agree, lovely brush work going on there.

  3. Really nice work on them. Only thing is...aren't they a little white for Numidians? Or am I being thick?

  4. I'm going by descriptions of them having what I would consider a "Mediterranean" complexion.


    Admittedly, I seem to end up with lighter flesh on all figures than I probably should. Some of my Germans and Celts look like their blood's been drained. ;)

    I'll post a side-by-side pic later on.

  5. Also, I am still working on figuring out the best way to do both their flesh and their hair, so I appreciate any feedback.

  6. I think the skin tone is bang on for Numidians; a darkish Med. complexion.