23 May 2009

WF Ancient Germans

I got one of the two sprues that will comprise the Wargames Factory ancient German set. It only had one body on it,but I was able to build two different options by borrowing a spear arm from the Numidian set. All of their sets seem to be modular, and with some mixing & matching should provide a lot of variety. The Celts & Germans, in particular, should mingle pretty well.

So I made one guy with a horn (because I need a few of those) and then one tossing a spear. I used what I thought was the best looking head on the horn guy, and my least favorite on the spear guy, just to see how they turned out.

And as I've been trying to do, here's a comparison shot between the three manufacturers' Germans that I own.

1 comment:

  1. The WFs are getting better, but the ones I love best, there, are the BTD ones; very nicely painted.