17 May 2009

Some Assembly Required

I've continued prepping more figures. Usually this is the stage I hate, so while I've been in some sort of mood for it, I'm just going to take advantage. So I prepped up a unit of 10 Renegade Celtic cavalry to round out my previous list of figures I require for Historicon.

I've also prepped 1/2 of the Spanish scutarii I have. I picked up a cheap back of Old Glory figures in the flea market at Cold Wars, so figured I would round that out with a pack of Crusader scutarii and two commend packs. This will give me two units of 24 figures. I've got to admit, the OG figures actually look pretty decent. I'm impressed. Sadly, these shouldn't really be high on my list of painting priorities at the moment. But I'm anxious to see how they'll turn out when they're done.

I'm going to prep some figures I'm doing for someone else (on commission) and then I should be done for a moment and getting down to some serious painting.

I may have a few surprise figures appearing sometime soon, as well...

1 comment:

  1. I love the colours you've managed to get on the Numidian horses. It looks like the wipe off method to me, they look really realistic and 'warm'. nice work.