25 October 2009

Alien Flu

I've been sick most of the week, and needed a break from painting for a few days anyway. So I've been posting my battle reports and going through some other photos from the trip to Dayton.

I've also been watching the Alien(s) marathon on AMC. They're showing the 4 films in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of the first Alien film. Very enjoyable.

Between this and a recent browsing of some 40k stuff, I've been tempted (though resisting, so far) to jump back in after many years away. Bugs, of course.


  1. here's wishing you well,,,I'm watching those Alien movies as well...classic!

    40K are like the eternal sirens...they'll "love you up and then turn you into a toad!" been there many times ;)

  2. This weekend's Aliens marathon was one of the best stretches of TV I can recall. :D

    Still feeling the call of the bugs in 40k. I think I've got enough interests elsewhere, though, to distract me.

    It's funny that the 40k that I remember and love is the small squad action game, with maybe 30 figures per side. Not the mass battles they do now... including the ones chock full o' bugs.

    I enjoyed the squad level hard sci-fi better. Wasn't even hard sci-fi, actually... that's the funny part. Now it may be considered so. :/

  3. I hope you were able to watch Plan 9 From Outer Space!