26 October 2009

Pets, Painitng

I realized I hadn't posted (that I recall) the obligatory pet photo. I'm actually constantly on the lookout for shepherd & husky miniatures so I can paint up figures for her. Such a sucker for a cute face. She's half shepherd (where she gets most of her color) and half husky (where she get her two colored eyes, curly tail, and love for the snow.)

We also have a cockatiel (crazy, obsessed stalker of the dog) and a leopard gecko (inherited from friends, anti-social, we mainly feed her crickets and she just hides.)

I love both cats and dogs. And most other animals. Because of my living situation, I was "a cat person" for a long time, and would, in fact, have cats sitting on my lap as I painted figures. Ra, "my girlfriend," as my ex would semi-jealously call her, would even swat a bit a the paint brushes as I pained. On occasion.

Sasha, the sheperd/husky in the above pic, sometimes will sit in the back room with me while I paint, but she will exhale deeply, sighing as I pay more attention to the toy soldiers then her, and mope out of the room. Usually it's not a 100% bad thing, because if she's out of site of the bird, he's usually screeching like an enraged harpy if he can't see her (as would be the case in the back room...)


  1. nice..I have an 8 month old german shepard also named Sasha

  2. Great mix - I have a Pungsan dog - a N. Korean breed - similar to a Husky.