05 November 2009

Black Powder

I just ordered Black Powder.

I couldn't pass up the $30 including shipping price at Amazon -- seemed worth the risk.

edit: I had tried looking for some decent reviews of the actual rules, but most of what I found revolves around how "pretty" the book is, and all the great pictures. Hence the "risk" comment. I'm starting to develop a belief that there is an increasing anti-intellectual trend in wargaming...


  1. Let me know how it is, I love those the ECW Warlord models...they'd make an awesome Empire proxy army but I bet the scale to small compared to GW figs. regardless I am tempted
    but I need this and more models like a hole in the head!

  2. Will do. I will post a review of the actual rules when I get a chance. ;P

    As far as scale, I think they should be fine. I mix hisotricals with WFB and although they are slightly different, most of the modern (bigger) historicals fit OK, including Warlord. Someitmes not in the same unit or when bits are exchanged between figures. But usually they look OK on the same tabletop.

    I have not seen their ECW, but the Celts measure up OK with Empire figures. ECW is actually a bit early for my interests. I'm curious to see how the rules will work for 7YW, AWI and later European conflicts like the Franco Prussian War, Italian Unification, etc. All are periods I've long been interested in (and have several other rulesets) but I've played very little.

    And yeah... I agree, more models like a hole in the head. My bookshelf is also straining under the load of rulebooks, too. ;)

  3. I've been thinking of getting a copy myself,but I already have rules I like for the periods this would cover.However,these may be very nice so I'll probably give them a go at some point,but I'm hoping for some reviews in the interim first.


  4. I've also got a few others. Warfare in the Age of Reason, Age of Gunpowder (Chipco), Washington's Wars, They Died for Glory, Fire & Fury (plus mods. for Franco Prussian War) and a home brewed simple adaptation of the original Warmaster rules (probably lost completely now that my old web page disappeared with the closing of Geocities.) I've played Volley and Bayonet and other rules at conventions as well.

    I've been so wrapped up in ancients & medievals (and fantasy) for so long, though, I haven't touched any gunpowder era stuff in a long time, and even got rid of my small AWI collection of figures. So if I do anything, I will be starting from scratch (and looking for others to play with!)

  5. General de Brigade is very nice Nap. system and their spin off of AWI in the form of British Grenadier is tops.I've heard good things about their Guns at Gettysburg ACW system as well.Basically, they make fantastic simulation wargames.
    You mentioned Fire and Fury which is the best system around in terms of fighting large scale 15mm ACW ever made.


  6. I've posted a pretty detailed review of Black Powder on my blog. Take a look, and leave a comment if you have any questions.