08 November 2009

Romans and their crops

Two quick updates. I finished basing me second painted unit of WF Romans. This is not the same group I'm working on over at the new Paint Machine blog, but is the one that partially inspired me to track my progress & time and start that blog.

Next is a bit of terrain. I've been searching for two years (yes, really) for a plain coir (natural coconut fiber) doormat to use for tall grass/cropland terrain. Impossible. Every mat I have found has some sort of graphics, pattern, color or phrase on it. I found a couple via mail order, but the postage & cost seemed like a waste compared to the inexpensive ones available at the local stores. So I finally broke down and bought one with a Greek style keyed pattern around the perimeter, and just dealt with the fact that I would have a certain amount of waste. I've saved some of the small edges to cut up & use for small tufts of grass on other terrain projects, but here's one of the smaller patches of regular crops/fields I cut, with a couple of figures (GW elf on the left, older Foundry Celt on the right.) I may try painting the edges of the black substrate to match my game table & other terrain and bases.


  1. Last time thru Ikea, I spotted plan brown door mats. The rubber seemed a bit thick, but I think it could be hidden by a good base.

  2. Ooh, good call. Just looked it up on their web page, 2'x 3' for $8.