22 November 2009

Mighty Empires - Year One, Turn Four

We played out the first four turns of the Campaign. Minor change in participants... The former Bretonnians are actually Orcs, and what I formerly referred to as Orcs & Goblins are just Goblins.

After four turns we've mostly had just minor skirmishes. The quelling of a couple of independent settlements took its toll on a few banners. Due to casualties, two Orc banners have merged into the now larger Orc 1. In the first turn, Skaven 1 and Goblin 2 met and fought over the highland villages in L6. The goblins were killed or sent running and lost in the mountains. The Lizardmen aggressively invaded the Ogre kingdom -- the smaller Ogre border force fought in an orderly retreat, and sought shelter in the safety of their capital city. It is uncertain yet if a siege will be fought or not.


  1. I have been reading your blog from time to time, and your current Mighty Empires Campaign really interests me. I have always liked the campaign, and I was thinking of starting one early next year for the first time. In addition to posting the progression, which I really do like to read, can you also please post what you think about the campaign,and what issues that you are having with it?

  2. Where did you find the digitized version of the game board/where can I get it?