10 November 2009

Skaven distratction begins

Tonight I was distracted by two things... one was the movie "Legend of the Black Scporpion" which was kind of OK. Not quite as good as the Hero/Flying Daggers/Golden Flowers series that sold me on Chinese epics. But still worth the free loan from the library! I would have even paid to rend the DVD. ;)

The second was a Skaven conversion... I was trying to put an army list together over the weekend, but failed. Too much interesting & untried stuff in the new book to fit into 2250 points along with my usual horde of infantry.

So I sat down to finish some commission work and instead an idea popped into my head...

This is my conversion for a PWG mortar crew. Actually,just part of it. But in game terms, this base is all that will count for firing, ranges, casualties, etc. I will have a loader tagging along behind or in front just for visual purposes. There just wasn't enough room on the base for a second figure, though.

It's a plague monk body & arms, with the gasmask head from the Doomwheel. I made the bottom canister of the gas mask with a bit of plastic rod and two small pieces of plastic tube. The wider tube parts are drilled with holes, though it's hard to see in the pic. I'm certain it will be clearer once the figure is painted. The cannon is a spare from the plastic Empire Steam Tank, adorned with some Skaven icons from the old clanrat set, and dragged along on a pair of solid wagon wheels. The "rope" is just twisted florist wire.

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