12 November 2009

First 7th Skaven battle

I played my first game with the new Skaven book tonight. Against a Dogs of War army, of all things. Ended in roughly a draw. We had to vacate the store, so didn't get an exact point count.

I had a very difficult time narrowing down my list. Too many new toys I wanted to try out. In the end, I did cram a lot of stuff in, but ended up with a small army and a not-very-optimized list.

I roughly had:

Seer on Bell
Priest on Furnace
Warlock Engineer
2x30 Clanrats
1 Fire Thrower
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar
36 Slaves
30 Monks
6 PCBs
5 Gutter Runners
1 Abomination
1 Catapult

My opponent had:
Lv. 4 Mage Lord
2x Lv. 2 Mages
1 Paymaster
30 Pike
30 RoR Pike (the ones that are WS4)
10 Crossbow
10 Marksmen
2x10 Duelists with pistols
2 Cannons
10 Volands Venetors

It was a short & quick game. I charged up quickly, except when my bell unit was halted by a Wall of Fire I failed to dispel. That allowed both pike units to charge both my clanrat units (one had already chased off my slaves.) One unit fled, the other was held up by my Bell pushing unit, which eventually became Death Frenzied & beat the enemy unit, killing the paymaster. That screwed the DoW army a bit.

Volands charge the Abomination and we tied combat (I rolled very poorly for my attacks). Their musician broke the tie, and in true Empire Greatsword fashion, I blew the Stubborn Ld8 roll and was run down.

The spell Scorch was only cast once, but it was NASTY. Took out almost half of the RoR pikemen in one shot. The Bell, on the otherhand, was a bit ineffective. The results didn't have any useful effects, I rolled doubles every time I rang it, which meant casualties for me, and my Grey seer blew every ward save he was granded by the bell (and died.) Even the dispel dice from the MR(2) failed me, as the unit had Wall of Fire cast on it twice.

The furnace and PCBs, on the other hand, ran over anything in their way. Granted, they only had lightweight stuff "in their way." But the quantity of wounds they threw out was pretty impressive.

Not certain about the war machines & weapon teams yet. The misfires with the large template are ugly. Both the WFT & Mortar blew up the first time they were fired (typical) and ended up taking out other nearby figures in the process (also typical.) The catapult got a nice hit on the Venators, but failed to roll wounds and ended up only killing 2. The next shot missed the enemy by a long shot and hit my own Engineer.

Looking forward to the next game. I need to focus on building a better & tighter army.

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