26 November 2009


Some friends and I are making Christmas ornaments as a surprise for a friend who's has a bit of a rough year. I decided to do a rampaging snowman. I've sculpted it up and just primed it. I can't wait to paint it up. It's about 3.5" high, from base to top of hat.

I also made a few "back up" bodies, in case I messed up on the first one. The back-ups were done with a lightweight clay for children's crafts, from Crayoloa. I had to use the whole thing at once, so I got a bit of a strange idea...

I'm going to make a snowman Christmas village, with a Cthulhu-esqe giant snow-critter, and a bunch of smaller panicking snowmen, fleeing for their lives. Here's the start on the bodies so far... I did the arms on all the little guys last night.

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