16 November 2009

Might Empires

I'm taking part in a Mighty Empires campaign using an adaptation of the old, detailed rules and tiles. We've dealt out the map, chose locations and rolled upstarting forces. I've volunteered to be the campaign cartographer. Here's my digitization of the base map. (Click maps to enlarge.)

Below are the starting positions.

Goblins - Green - 3,600 points, 7 baggage
Lizardmen - Blue - 3,500 points, 7 baggage
Warriors of Chaos - Red - 2,500 points, 9 baggage
Ogres - Purple - 2,300 points - 9 baggage
Skaven - Pink - 3,500 points, 6 baggage
Bretonnians - Yellow - 2,000 points, 7 baggage

I will be fielding my Skaven, Clan All-Out-of-Bubblegum.

Edit: fixed minor error on the maps.


  1. calovini@cox.net18 November, 2009 19:14

    Hi Tom,

    Been reading your blog for a while and been meaning to write but couldn't find your e-mail. Looking forward to seeing how the campaign develops.


  2. Frank,

    Great to hear from you!

    My email is the name of the blog @gmail.com

    Drop me a line. Are you still in the area? Still gaming?

  3. Hi, I'm starting a campaign myself at the moment and was wondering how you created this map. I've only seen one like it before and that was the Games Workshop bloodlands (I think) campaign map.

  4. The map was made using PDF files that GW published on their web site a while ago. They were scans (or original computer files) of the map tiles from the first edition of Mighty Empires. They also published the markers and the entire rule book as well. I think it was in the Specialist Games section, and may have been posted in relation to Warmaster campaigns. I don't remember.

    But what I did was to digitally "cut" those map tiles up in Photoshop, using a template based on the size of the hexes in the scan, then reassemble it to reflect out map. We used hard copies of the map tiles to generate a map per the campaign rules.

    You might check GW's web page first. They might all still be published there. If not, there was also a web site that had an adaptation for a more recent edition -- either 6th or 7th, either of which should be more easily adaptable to 8th edition WFB.

  5. Thanks for that. I ended up manually creating a map in photoshop, but it was a time consuming process.

    (You can see it here on my friends site:

  6. can I ask how you made that map? I have been trying to make tiles for tabletop simulator but I cant get my tiles as perfect at yours

    1. Steve, I used a PDF of the Mighty Empires game tiles that GW had made available for a while. I digidally "cut" them out into separate hexes in Photoshop and reassembled them based on the map we randomly built with physical tiles. The PDF is no longer on the GE website, but Im willing to bet it can be found via Google.