23 September 2011

Double Dipping - Persian Tests

I thought I'd try two "dips" on some of those Persians I assembled.

The three on the left are don using regular ol' Minwax, the three on the right use my homemade "Substance D" that I've previously mentioned, and tested a few times.

Truthfully, I'm not that happy with either result. But I'm definitely more unhappy with my Substance D dip. I tried touching up the three on the right. Maybe if I give the three on the left the sametreatment they will look better.

I really don't want to (and don't have the time to) paint a hundred or so Persians. I think they are going on the back burner for a while, anyway. I just wanted to try a bit of comparative dipping. If/when I get some time, it's most likely back to the Romans & ancient Spanish.


  1. What shade of Miniwax are you using? Tudor Satin seems to be the best - it usually allows light colors - including white - to remain. Are you dissatisfied due to the sheen or the overall shading? I find a Dullcoat really enhances the look. Of course, with the understanding that the method was used for speed over more traditional methods (which would take a lot longer). Best, Dean

    P.S. That's a lot of Persians to finish! :)!

  2. I'm using Antique Walnut. It's a gloss, but I think the Dullcote really fixes that, so I'm not to worried. Tudor was the other color I had considered, but for some reason (I've forgotten by now) I liked the Walnut better.

    I've been happy with the results so far. I think part of the issue is that neither dip seems to look good on the blue of fuchsia. My home-brew dip didn't look too good on the big patch of yellow, either.

    I did just take a new photo and will be posting it in minutes...