15 September 2011

Winter is Coming

I finished "Achtung Schweinhund!" and enjoyed it quite a bit. The last few chapters seemed to be a bit judgmental about others in the hobby (and "related" hobbies), though I've got to admit my own biases.

I ordered "Quintus Sertorius and the Legacy of Sulla" by Philip Spann from the library, but even though it's just a transfer from the main library to my branch a few miles away, it appears to be taking forever. I was going to buy the book a while ago, but when I looked it up more recently on Amazon.com, the cheapest copy was $65.

At any rate, my wife just finished "A Game of Thrones," and recommended it. So within a short time I'm already about 1/3 through the book and have to admit it's a bit addicting already.

I realize I'm slow to come around to things, but that's just how it goes. I didn't start reading the Dark Tower series until the last one was out, and I'm like the anti-hipster of music -- I don't discover music until the bands have already come and gone.

And just because I'm still in "proud pappa" mode, a gratuitous baby pic of my Lady A.


  1. Cute kid!

    And the book series is seriously good, I read the first three in a week when the the GF was out of town and I did not have much to do.

  2. I'm reading it right now as well! Still on the first book,I've had to warm to it,but as I go it gets better.According to some reviews,the series gets better with each book,which is usually the other way around. Your daughter is cute as a button!

  3. I was pretty well hooked after a few chapters. The book is constructed in such a way that while you're reading any given chapter, you're anxiously wanting to get back to (at least) three other storylines/characters. Well done.

  4. Yeah! Game of Thrones is fantastic...in fact the first 3 books are fantastic...after that they seem to lose a bit of focus but are still fun to read...I just wish he would get off his ass and finish the series already!

  5. Oh, I thought the recently released book was the last one. Shows how much I know. That ruins my record of not getting around to books until they're done. I don't do that on purpose, but at least then I don't have to wait around!

  6. I read the first book about five years ago, and then forgot about it for a while until I heard about the new HBO series about the books. I have heard great reviews from the series, which it is said to me that it is like Rome only with more sex and violence, so it is definately victor mature. They have good actors in this series like Sean Bean and the queen from 300 in there so when it comes out on DVD I want to see it. I may get book two after I finish the current series that I am working on but we will see.

  7. My wife has also seen the first season of the series. I usually had other things going on, and figured I'd like to read the books first.

    She said it was excellent, so I' looking forward to DVDs from the library or getting in a marathon viewing at a friend's house (she saved them on the DVR.)