18 September 2011


As I mentioned a little while ago, I am now happily employed again. Without getting into too much detail, I enjoy my work and feel as if I've got a stake in the work I'm doing and the organizations for whom I am doing it.

One of these organizations is an aviation museum that's just getting off the ground (I'm trying to get some mileage out of that wordplay while it lasts.)

This is me, in one of the museum's planes, a North American B-25J Mitchell Bomber, earlier this morning. Not part of my work -- I just wanted to get a chance to climb around the plane, and finally had the time. The plane was at an event at a small airport in my part of town. I also got to tour a B-17 owned by another museum.

On a gaming note... I've never had a big urge to play any wargames beyond WWI. I've always felt a bit uncomfortable making a game of wars that friends and family have served in. That's not a value judgement, and it doesn't bother me that other people do. It's just a personal preference for myself.


  1. I'm glad that I dont have the reservations about wars that family served in,that would leave all of US history out for me,with the exception of the Indian wars out west and the Spanish American war.

    I wouldnt mention your wokplace either,since its spelled C-O-B-R-A.

  2. OK, let me clarify that: family that I have personally met and known.