09 September 2011

Sculpting Link

I've been tossing around some ideas for trying my hand at sculpting again. Just for fun.


I just spotted the well timed article above, that's mostly beginning stuff I learned from others early on, but it's a good article and I thought the video was great. I've not tried soldering an armature before (well, haven't tried soldering at all!) and this really showed me that it should be pretty easy.

The way I have tried armatures in the past is to take a single length of wire bent back upon itself. the end with the bend is the neck, and I twist it to the point of the pelvis, then split the two wires for the legs. Then I will use some putty to bulk up the torso, and drill out holes for the arms later on. It hasn't worked to my satisfaction, and using putty to assemble a full armature hasn't proven strong enough for the early sculpting, so I think I will try soldering.

I'm also considering throwing out my small pile of half-started projects (except the big trees) and starting something new. I've got a set of five half finished rat-men that I just don't have the enthusiasm for any longer. I also think I can take what I learned from the work I did do on them and improve.

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