11 September 2011

Realistic Hobby Plans?

I had a long post written about potential ideas for a new project. Since I've sold off a lot of figures recently, but the work situation has now stabilized, my mind has been on the fact that this opened up future new possibilities. I think this is typical a toy soldier/wargamer thing.

But between lack of local opponents (interested in games besides 40k & WFB), lack of space to play, and to an extent, lack of time, I'm not certain how "realistic" it is to pursue any toy soldier/wargaming plans. So I scrapped the post.

I'm wondering if I should look into the FoG computer game instead.

Or pick a new hobby altogether. :/


  1. You've talked about Adepticon in the past. There are a lot of guys playing WAB whose only chance to play are conventions like Adepticon.

    Do you think you'll be able to make it out for 2012? In addition to the standard tournaments, there will be Successors & Crusaders big games, Hail Caesar open play and some sort of ECW event. Plenty of opportunities for a new project.

  2. how about doing it like Steveb? Maybe not as intensive :) I also have no time, space opponents but I still buy old miniatures from the 80s to collect them....and one day I'll paint it all.... in the year 2100

  3. I believe that you are just in a dry spell right now. People enter and leave a hobby all of the time and that is including me to some extent right now with WFB, but I am not scrap the whole hobby and I am still painting my fantasy models. Perhaps taking a break from active gaming might be a good idea given your new arrival last month. I would still paint and collect were I you.