09 December 2009

Behind the Scenes

No pics yet, but I've been keeping myself occupied.

I took a different direction regarding the gaming mat mentioned in the previous entry. Rather than buying a commercial mat, I decided to see what I could do on my own. So I got a roughly 4'-6" x 9'-0" piece of "bottomweight" in a khaki color. I added a bit of variation to this with light & random sprays of a darker brown and black spray paints. I tried adding some spray of white and green with diluted acrylics splashed from an old toothbrush, but didn't have much luck. I will most likely buy a green spray paint in the near future. Overall, it's not the best looking mat, but it still looks pretty good. I'm still not certain whether I want to risk trying to use some 3m Super 77 and Woodland Scenics flock on it.

I also built some more ladders for WFB sieges. We had our first siege game of the campaign on Friday, which got me thinking about modeling projects. THe ladders were super easy, and were build using basswood sticks glued together.

No painting for a few days. I'm trying to decicde what I want to do for myself, next. Not much luck in that area, so nothing new for me. In the meantime, I prepped a pile of figures for paintwork I owe a friend, to cover my room & board expenses from all the way back at Historicon!

Pics of new stuff coming soon...

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