22 December 2009

WAB vs. Crusader

At least some sort of light on the horizon for WAB 2.0. A second December newsletter now says they are sending it to the printers in January, with preorders to follow as soon as they have a ship date. It's 208 pages, full color, hardbound.

Someone on the WAB Forum pointed out the normal prices for the same 208 page full color hardbound type of books from Forgeworld, and that has me a bit concerned.

So I'd just like to state that if WAB 2.0 is going to cost me more than $50, especially if there are no army lists included, there is zero chance I will buy it, and I will instead immediately send my money off for a set of the Crusader miniatures rules.


  1. I was surprised by the number of posters on TMP which were really excited about a hard cover, coffee table type WAB book. The $50 price point is where I also want to stop, but all the indicators are for a $75 price tag.

    Is Crusader really an alternative? I've thumbed thru the Punic Wars list book. It was well laid out and very readable, but I've heard the rules are a bit unfinished.

  2. I won't buy the new book, I'll still use the old one or "Fields of Glory".

    I'm not much of a GW fan anymore because of the constant need to re-write rules and release new army books. It's such a scam.

  3. I'm OK with the concept of a new edition. The original WAB game is 10 years old. That seems like a reasonable revision time.

    EXCEPT that I am not willing to spend the usual Forgeworld price tag. That's double the price of old edition for a game that, while is at its core a fun set of rules, has an awful track record for completion of army lists, consistency between supplements, few army lists per suppliment (requiring multiple $35 +/- books in addition to the main rule book just to cover a particular period -- and cover it incompletely thus far.)

    As far as Crusader, I don't know. I haven't played it. But I'm open to alternates and have heard good things about it from the few reviews I've heard. I figure I'll give it a chance since the core rulebook is cheaper than just one suppliment from WAB. Also, I love marks sculpting, so I'm happy to send more business Crusader's way. ;)

  4. I say just suck it and pay the extra $25 the forge world books are generally a much better quality book then the standard GW books (example my WFB hardbound is falling apart,and I've barely used it relying on the soft cover) It will be nice a package and regardless of what rules you end up playing you'll still want to check out the new WAB rules.
    Just trade it off by resisting buying some other GW box later in the year...a fancy new book is just the kick the butt I need to play some WAB this year.. looking forward to it.

  5. $50 already seems like quite alot for a book (think of how many Perry figures you could get for that), but as John says, maybe it is worth it, if it gets you to game more, or be more pleased with the games you do play.