02 December 2009

Paint Machine update, Holiday Wishlist, Cold Wars

I finally picked up where I left off a couple weeks ago with the Paint Machine project, with steps seven and eight.


I also just registered to run two "demo" style events at Cold Wars '10. I'm going to do Cimbrian war flavored "Romans vs. Barbarians" and teach the WAB rules. (The new ones, if emerge by then.) Provided I get the slots, I'll be doing them on Thursday night and Friday morning. It's been a long time since I've run convention events, so I'm starting off small before diving into larger events again.


There's a bunch of great new stuff that's either coming out soon or has recently been released. Plus a few other things I've been eyeballing. Sadly between the holidays, our wedding in less than a year, and the uncertainties of my job, gaming spending is on hold. I may try trading or selling a few things off.

First off, I need a game mat or something to use for a table at the above mentioned Cold Wars events. I'm considering of one of these from The Terrain Guy. I've got some terrain boards at home, but they're too large & heavy to be practical in this case.

Beyond that, here's a few things I've got my eyes on:
  • Perry plastic Wars of the Roses
  • Artizan Landsknechts
  • Rumored Ancient Germans from Crusader
  • Macedonian pike deals (boxes) from Crusader
  • Skaven clanrats from GW

In regard to the Crusader stuff, I've got an Old Glory card that will expire just before Cold Wars, so I'd really like to make one last purchase on it, as I won't renew this year (for the same reasons above.)

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