16 December 2009

More Romans & Spanish

I finally managed to finish a small group of Spanish caetrati that have been sitting on a shelf, half finished, in my painting room for months. Probably the beginning of summer, at least. The figures are Crusader.

I also flocked the Romans I recently painted at the Paint Machine. The figures are Wargames Factory.

I've registered several beginners demo games of WAB at Cold Wars, and I'm looking into doing something similar at Origins. So I'm now committed to painting as many Romans as possible. I'll be doing Romans vs. Barbarians games, however if I can paint a pile of Romans by then, I may do a Civil War game. If I get enough painted, I may also have to switch back to painting Germans for a while, to increase the size of the Rome vs. Barbarians option. Part of the final decision will depend on running a few playtest games.

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