16 December 2009

Christmas Giftsmas

In making a comment elsewhere about the plethora of great new stuff that I'd love to get my hands on, but having to watch my spending at the moment, I realized...

Considering that miniatures gaming (and history in general -- I even got my first university degree in the subject!) has been my biggest and longest running hobby (and/or obsession) I don't think anyone's ever given me a gaming or history related gift for my birthday or Christmas. :(

I'm actually considering selling off a few things to fund a purchase some of the things I recently mentioned in a previous entry. I'm like a lead junkie. (Or plastic, in the case of the new Perry WotR kit.)

1 comment:

  1. Before you sell anything,I advice you first to trade.You almost always get the short end of the stick when selling,but when trading it's much more equal and leaves you feeling satisfied.


    P.S.Also,you probably don't get hobby related gifts because they don't know what to get you.Leave a few hints and that might get you some results.