18 December 2009


Everyone posts photos of their pets in their blog, no matter what the topic. I believe I have even done so previously. This time, it's a little different.

I've been hunting around for suitable dog minaitures, and now have a small bin of them, in a quest to find a suitable match for our Shepherd/Husky, Sasha. This is one of the closest so far, though it's very large. She's mounted on a 20x40 base so I can actually fit her into infantry units in WFB/WAB (next to my self portrait figure, of course.)

It may look a little strange, but she actually is getting a bit of grey around the edges of her mouth as she gets older. She's around 8 years old +/-, we're not sure exactly as we got her from a shelter.

I believe it's a Ral Partha figure.

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