22 November 2010

Balearic Slingers

I've got to admit that I am a bit hesitant to post this pic, as I'm still getting used to my new lights and the light colors on these figures have really washed out. But I'm going to post it anyway, even though I think it makes the figures look poorly painted.

After talking with some of the other local painters/gamers, I think I need to invest in a light box as soon as I am able. I'm just having too many problems with light when photographing my figures.

Anyway... in my quest to finish off some of the half-started projects on my desk, I finished up a unit of 9 Balearic slingers. One of those units that's generically useful to many ancient armies. I picked up a pack of Foundry figures at a flea market, and added one misc. slinger (another Foundry? Greek?) to bump the unit up to 9.


  1. you might consider building a light box. I made one from a large cardboard box and tissue paper that served well enough.

    The light array is frankly more important than the box, and worth looking into. In my set up, I have a couple of halogen work lights for the sides, and a goose necked 100w light for the top.

    I have some pictures from my setup here

  2. Thanks.

    I've got three lamps, and have recently switched to "daylight" fluorescents. That's why some of the newer photos seem a bit blueish and/or over exposed.

    My lights are similarly arranged, but the side lights are a bit more forward (towards the camera) instead of directly to the sides.

    I'm going to keep experimenting.