14 November 2010

Game Day 23

This weekend was another Game Day, held at the home of one of the members of my old gaming club. There were four time slots, each with two games running.

I missed the early slot, but got there in time to play a home-brewed giant robot game. The object was to recover some crashed alien technology and remove it off your own side of the table. Our side failed pretty badly -- but we did contribute to the carnage quite a bit. The other game going on at this time was WWI aerial combat, Blue Max/Canvas Eagles using 1/72 planes. I was too wrapped up in 'bot destruction to get any pics.

Third time slot featured Circus Maximus chariot racing, using 15mm figures and a great looking homemade circus field. At the other table there was a game of Kill Zone (28mm futuristic gang warfare.)

The fourth time slot was my game, a 3000 point game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Empire vs. Skaven. Each side split into four sub-groups so I could accommodate up to 8 players. As the evening started to wind down, the group thinned out a bit, so the other event (cards?) didn't happen.

When I went outside to get the figures from the car, I thought I had seen a portent of victory for one of the armies...

...but as it turned out, the game was a draw. Each army seemed to do better on their own left flank, while the center was a fairly jumbled mess.

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