08 November 2010

Hundred Years War

There's talk of a Hundred Years War WAB campaign event at Cold Wars next year, so I'm considering that might be a good excuse to get some focus on my upcoming painting time.

Most of my medievals are later 15th century, but I do have a head start on a HYW army. The two options that look good for me at the moment are Burgundians (probably using the later Burgundian list again) and Flanders (Low Countries.)

The figures I already own that are appropriate for the era are...

60 Flemish Pike
20 Crossbow
20 Halberdiers
40 +/- Misc. melee troops
A few ribaldquins & one cannon

Depending which way I go with this, I will need to pick up a few more things. What I need in either case are some infantry command, some mounted characters (general and army standard,) and some medium and heavy cavalry. I can probably squeeze in a small unit of archers in either army as well. If I go Flemish, I will some more pike. If I go Burgundian... well, probably just a larger proportion of cavalry and no additional pike.

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