28 November 2010

Carcass Weekend Painting

Over the Thanksgiving (aka Bird Carcass Day) weekend, I got a little bit of painting done. Mostly just this second engineer to compliment the first. Again, using another bird for the notorious pigeon bombs. The lighting is a bit weird on this photo, so it's a bit "glowing."

Next, someone at Warhammer-Empire.com asked me about a close-up of the previous engineer's monocle, so here's the best I could do for that.

I painted it like a gem. There are a lot of tutorials for that, but I did a quick illustration with the same paints on a piece of paper & scanned it in.

This is what I did for the telescope lenses they both had as well.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful figures; nice work on the falcon's feathers. Also, the "gem" close up is a great example. Dean