04 March 2016

Fomorian the Second

Finished a second Fomorian/Fimir. This one uses another "reject" club tail sculpt. I did end up sculpting the feet on this one, too. The flesh turned out a little too green for my preference. But I would like to have a bit of subtle variation in flesh tones, so I can live with it on this one figure.

I have started chopping up a third. Here's the start. My plans are to replace the weapon, replace the feet, cut the spikes off of the pauldrons (my one complaint about these orcs is that half of them have pauldrons -- I would prefer my Fimm without any,) most likely cut the spikes off of the shield face as well, carve out the middle third of the lower armour in the back to accommodate a tale, and, of course, add a tail. May be one more one-off tail.

I continue to procrastinate in regard to sculpting some decent, castable tails. But it needs done. Soon. Besides, sculpting individual tails is even worse.

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