02 March 2016

Month of Marsh

Inspired by Fimm McCool's "Month of Marsh," I'm going to follow suit and focus on my own bog dwelling miscreants in March as well. Hopefully it goes over much better than "Deadcember," in which I painted pretty much nothing at all.

My list of possible goals for this month of misty malefactors...

1. Finish the Bog Demon
2. Cast at least three different tail sculpts
3. Complete five more converted Fomorians
4. Paint one more marsh monster (still need to decide which one)
5. Compose Fomorian army list for Shadow Storm/Hail Caesar
6. Build a few larger swamp/bog terrain pieces
7. Sculpt top secret monster (idea I've wanted to work on for a quite a while)
8. Get out and hike around some of our own local wetlands


  1. "Month of Marsh" indeed! Looking forward to seeing how these goals come out.

  2. Point 8 is a good one. Sometimes I find a place really inspires you. I went walking on a stony, misty mountain once, and it made me think of dwarves - really inspired me to go home and paint some.

    1. Totally agree. All my scenery is based on photos I've taken of places I've been walking. Notably Dartmoor, Malvern and Vassel's park here in Bristol.I find scenery often looks more 'real' if it's based on actual terrain.

  3. Good luck. I can't wait to see what you dredge up.

  4. Thanks all. I do think that getting out can be inspiring and refreshing. I'm hoping that the weather and my schedule cooperate this weekend. :)