17 March 2016

Stalled in the Marsh

Well, my March/Marsh conversions have stalled out a bit. I need some more of the Bones orcs, and was considering a few other figures (marsh trolls, etc.) and went to the local game store (Warzone-Matrix, in Cleveland) to pick some up. But all of their Bones figures seem to be marked anywhere from 180% - 250% of regular retail price.

I asked about the pricing and was told that I must have been looking at the "online price". Nowadays, most of the world calls that "the price." I realize it's up to each retailer to pick the final price they sell at, but when everyone else is selling at what used to be called "suggested retail price" (or lower if it's a discounter or someone is having a sale,) then it may not be a good idea to mark things up so much. If I pick up enough figures, I can have them shipped for free from a number of sources, including direct from Reaper.

I'l like to support local game stores, but not at double the price.

The only other stores I can think of that sell Reaper are a few hours away. So it looks like mail-order for me, which means it may be another week before I see the figures.


  1. What a bummer! Fortunately Reaper is pretty easy to get direct, and if you spend $35, you get free shipping.

    1. I will eventually use more than $35 of orcs anyway (not to mention other Bones critters,) so that shouldn't be a problem.