10 March 2016

Get Your Smooth On

New silicone arrived. I'm going to try my first two part mold in the next few days, maybe a small one for those two tails I posted.

I like how the packaging urgently implores you, "MAKE IT NOW!"

I've also been thinking I should just go ahead and do something to finish this really old & incomplete sculpt. It started off as a one-off, but then I cut it up and reworked it to make it castable. (The arms are separate and just held on with poster-tack in the photo.) But I sort of lost track of what I waned to do with this, and don't have quite the enthusiasm for it anymore. So maybe just a couple of open hands gesturing, except... I'm not sure how well that will work when the plane of the arms/sleeves and plane of the hands are fixed 90 degrees from each other. But, on the other hand, that will make this a good learning experience for mold making, I suppose. But on the other, other hand, I'm not certain what I would do with more than one of him, so maybe I shouldn't waste the silicone on a figure I don't have a use for at the moment. Especially when there are other (unsculpted, as of yet) things I do have a use for.

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